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Morocco Perfect Itinerary is a family-owned travel agency that specializes in tailor-made journeys throughout Morocco. With over 12 years of experience organizing bespoke itineraries for travelers in Morocco, we take pride in our expertise and experience in putting together complex arrangements, such as accommodation, transportation, daily tours, and unique activities.

Our team has over 12 years of combined experience and a deep passion for travel. Every member of our team has local, on-the-ground knowledge and has been hand-picked for their expertise in creating travel experiences. From the person who helps create your itinerary to the drivers who meet you at the airport and the guides who take you on your tours, every single person plays a crucial role in making your dream trip to Morocco a reality.

All of the drivers and guides we work with are fully licensed and insured, and they will do their utmost to make sure that all of your needs are met in a professional and friendly manner. Expertise, knowledge, passion, and dedication are what the Morocco Perfect Itinerary is all about.

We are not just any run-of-the-mill destination management company; we are the company that puts the most effort into creating exhilarating travel experiences for seasoned travelers and memories that will last a lifetime. Oh, and did we mention that we provide 24/7 customer service and online booking? Every step of the way to your arrival in Morocco, during tours, and right through your departure back home again, no matter what you need help with, we are here for you.

Reasons to Choose Our Services

Secure Travel Solutions

Booking your vacation with us means you have assistance through your stay. Our guests will be given personalized attention and support along the holidays.

Top-Rated Team Excellence

Our professional team contains some of the best tour guides & Drivers in the country. We are local Berber guides with 14 years of experience and have been all throughout Morocco.

Perfect Travel Plan

We can find the ideal itinerary for you and provide suggestions for creating a trip that is completely matched to your needs and desires.

Budget-Friendly Rates

We offer our lovely guests the best prices guarantee. With us you will save %25 of your visit to Morocco. We only charge %5 fee at no additional charge to you.


Want some inspiration for your bespoke itinerary? Why not create your very own Morocco Trip, so you can start planning which amazing adventures you want to combine together.

Once you're ready to start finalizing your plans you can get in touch with our travel advisor who can put all the trips together, making sure the dates match up and the trips run in the best order.


What People Say About Morocco perfect itinerary

Unforgettable Sahara experience

My trip to Merzouga with Morocco perfect itinerary exceeded all my expectations. The camel trek into the Sahara at sunset was magical, and sleeping under the stars was a dream come true. The guides were knowledgeable and ensured our safety at all times. I'll cherish the memories of this trip forever.

Jasmine Lee

Authentic Moroccan adventure

Exploring Morocco's stunning landscapes with Morocco perfect itinerary was an unforgettable experience. From wandering the labyrinthine streets of Marrakech to camping in the desert of Merzouga, every moment was filled with excitement and wonder. The guides were friendly, the food was delicious, and the accommodations were comfortable. I highly recommend this trip to anyone seeking adventure and cultural immersion.

Karim Hassan

A journey of a lifetime

Morocco perfect itinerary provided me with the most incredible journey through Morocco, culminating in a breathtaking visit to Merzouga. The trip was perfectly organized, with seamless logistics and excellent accommodations. The highlight was definitely the camel trek into the Sahara Desert, where I witnessed the most stunning sunrise. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!

Sophie Renault

Fantastic guides, unforgettable memories

I cannot recommend Morocco perfect itinerary enough! The guides were knowledgeable, friendly, and went above and beyond to ensure our trip was enjoyable. From exploring the vibrant markets of Marrakech to camping under the stars in Merzouga, every moment was filled with adventure. The camel trek through the dunes was a highlight, offering panoramic views of the desert landscape. Thank you for an incredible journey!

Amir Patel

Magical desert experience

My trip to Merzouga with Morocco perfect itinerary was absolutely magical. Riding camels through the golden dunes of the Sahara at sunset was an experience I'll never forget. The guides were friendly and knowledgeable, sharing fascinating insights into the local culture and history. The campsite was comfortable, and sleeping under the stars was truly enchanting. I highly recommend this trip to anyone looking for an unforgettable desert adventure.

Aisha Mansour

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